Each Kiwanis member is asked to join one of the folowing committees in order to carry out all the projects with which Kiwanis is involved throughout the year.

COMMUNITY SERVICES:   Adopt a Highway, Dave Mack-Chairman Day in the Park, Dan Kelly-Chairman, River Corridor & Riverside Clean-up, Joe Boyd & Joe Cucci-Co-Chairman, Salvation Army Bell Ringers, Bob MacNeille-Chairman FoodPantry, Bill Knotts-Chairman,  Kiwanis One-Day Project, Joe Cucci-Chairman. 


FUNDRAISING:  Bowl A Thon, Linda Brodine-Chairman, Eliminate, Lori Linkimer & Connei Kurr-Co-Chairs, Golf Outing, Betsy Penny & Mike Linkimer-Co-Chairs, Peanuts, Vacant Chair, Rose Day, Diana Brown & Connie Kurr-Co-Chairs.

PROGAMS:  Human & Spiritual Values, Paul Conterato-Chairman, Interclub, Joe Cucci-Chairman, In the News, Diane Dewitte & Linda Stachowiak-Co-Chairs, Kiwanis at Night, Laurie Milbourn-Chairman, Meeting Catering, Lori Hewitt-Chairman, Meeting Games/Trivia, Mike Dohan-Chairman, Meeting Greeters, Connie Kurr-Chairman, Meeting Program/Guests, Stu Ainsworth & Mike Dixon-Co-Chairs, Meeting Set-Up & Clean-Up, Bill Knotts-Chairman, Meeting Vocals, Stu Ainsworth & Stew Liechti, Co-Chairs, Raffle, Terry Andrew, Social Events, Lori Hewitt-Chairman, Who Am I, John Radman

MEMBERSHIP:  Membership Growth & Retention, Diane DeWitte & Mike Penny-Co-Chairs, Membership Health & Welfare, Linda Brodine-Chairman, Membership Directory, Elizabeth Crone & Lori Hewitt-Co-Chairs, Photographer, Laurie Milbourn, Publicity & Facebook, Mike Dohan & Laurie Milbourn-Co-Chairs, Website, Andy Hanses-Chairman

SERVICE LEADERSHIP:  Sponsored Youth, Betsy Penny & Rita Payleitner-Co-Chairs, East Key Club, Rita Payleitner, North Key Club, Sue Liechti & Betsy Penny, Thompson Builders Club, Jennifer Biddle, Young Children Priority One, Diane DeWitte-Chairman